Catalyzing the Well-Being and Advancement of Women Globally

Welcome to our new webpage!  We are in the midst of developing strategic partnerships that will allow us to move forward in our quest to help women fight disease, violence and poverty.  Please contact us if you would like to add to our efforts.  We are also working on putting together a fantastic event that will kick off our fundraising initiatives.  The event will be held in New York City in late spring.  Please stay tuned for further announcements by liking us on Facebook and/or following us on Twitter.



About Us

The United Women’s Foundation (UWFSA) is dedicated to the well-being and advancement of women.  We believe that ensuring the health and safety of women is essential to their productivity and prosperity.  When women succeed, everyone succeeds.  This is especially true in many developing nations, where women are the primary providers of their families.  It goes without saying that children whose parents provide for them live better lives.


The United Women’s Foundation aims to effect long-lasting change through education, access to much-needed services, and community-building.  Our work is based on research and stakeholder input.  Our ultimate goal is to develop self-sustaining community-based programs.


Constance Wilson Andresen, Founder


Constance Wilson Andresen is a global consultant on women’s health issues, working tirelessly to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and search for a cure.  Ms. Andresen speaks internationally on women’s empowerment issues, and has been especially outspoken on the subject of women’s rights.  Most notably, she has been invited to address the British Parliament.  Ms. Andresen is a member of the Women’s Foreign Policy Group WFPG and serves often on its Host Committees, which welcomed Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Senator Hillary Clinton at the First Congressional Leadership Award in March 2003.  She is also a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the World Affairs Forum, the Asia Society, the American Jewish Council, the ACLU, the Three Forum, and the Society of International Development, as well as a volunteer for the International Red Cross.  She was recently named a representative of the Panamerican/Panafrican Association (PaPa), a non-profit umbrella organization that fosters and supports international cultural development.  Ms. Andresen’s leadership and vision led her to Renaissance Weekend; she has been a member and panelist since 1999.  A painter by vocation, Ms. Andresen currently makes her home in both the USA and South Africa, and hopes to also use her art as a vehicle for transformational change.




Gerard McKeon, Public Relations Director


Ambassador Volunteers


Anne Land, Attorney

Global Legal Advocate of Women's Rights

Global Ambassador for UWFSA















Anne Bengard Land, born in Copenhagen, Denmark, educated at The law school of University of Copenhagen., LLM, mediator and certified professional board member, Danish Lawyers. Member in good standing in the Danish Bar Association.

Anne Land works World wide and speaks German, French, English, Norwegian and Swedish . Anne also does international mediations in Europe and the US. Anne Lands enormous international  knowledge and network is known all over the world. In addition to this, Ms. Land demonstrates great human respect to every client or assignment given to her.

With extensive experience more than 33 years Anne Land works with domestic and corporate law, legislation, international law., human rights. Anne Land has been awarded a donation by the prestigious fuoundation as Anne Land is being followed in one of her humanitarian cases, fighting for the legal rights of the most unfortuneate individuals, trafficked persons, by the Danish filmmaker Anja Dalhoff,

The legal rights of children is a key focus for Ms. Land who has won hundred of cases regarding children in jeopardy, being removed from their parents or in a domestic conflict.

In addition to this Anne Land is the head lawyer assisting the ExitCirkle in Denmark, helping young women , and some young men, too, out of negative social control, emotional and physical violence.




















Shanna Frank, Young Mothers For Change Ambassador


Administrator of US/Latin America-US/Africa

Educational, Cultural and Economic Exchange Permanent Programme Units

Four Seasons at Historic VA * 3986 Melting Snow Pl., Dumfries, VA 22025 * Tel: 202-487-4143 * Fax: 703-373-2347

The Panamerican-Panafrican Association, Inc. is a NGO in Consultative Status

(Category II) with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

e- mail:



31 May 2010



His Excellency, Jacob Gedleyihlekisa 'Msholozi' Zuma

President of South Africa

Union Buildings, Government Avenue

Pretoria, South Africa


His Excellency, President Zuma:


It is with great honour that We are pleased to present to you the enclosed CD copy of the 1962 recording by Yours Truly, as the first American virtuoso concert pianist and recording artist of African descent. In fact, we are proud to inform you that the recording is in the process of being re-released by the United States Smithsonian Institution Global Sound Recordings. We are fortunate that one of our Foundation’s NGO Representatives to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, Mme. Constance Andresen, has the opportunity to personally bring a copy of Our CD to South Africa to present to you.


With this gift of Our recording, we extend our sincere hope for the continued progress of the South African people towards the fulfillment of their God-given promise as a free and independent nation.


Our commitment to the struggle of the peoples of South Africa dates back several decades as my Foundation, the Panamerican-Panafrican Association, Inc. was in the forefront of the anti-Apartheid Movement. In fact, it was in 1978 at the International NGO Conference for Action Against Apartheid, organized in cooperation with the U.N. Special Committee Against Apartheid in Geneva, Switzerland, that We presented a Foundation position paper entitled "The Anatomy, Diagnosis and Surgery of an Anti-Apartheid Embargo Operation upon the South African Culture & Leisure Industry." Substantive portions of the text of the Foundation's paper were later incorporated into the International Culture & Sports Embargo against South Africa.


It is then, Your Excellency, Mr. President, with this expression of our felicitations of this day, to which each and every member of our Foundation’s executive staff would surely add their own, that We are


Very truly yours,



Dr. Robert Starling Pritchard


Board of Directors

Dr. Robert Starling


Dr. Myron Arlen M.D.,


Freda Margiloff


Hank Schwartz


Honorary Director


Dr. Robert Starling Pritchard,

Robert Starling Pritchard has been heralded as history's first commercially recorded African American virtuoso concert pianist. However, Pritchard is more than simply a pianist. His various multicultural and humanitarian activities throughout the world distinguish him as a true Renaissance man.

With his remarkable talent and world vision, Pritchard has touched many lives throughout the world. Despite his struggles with acute intermittent Porphyria, a chronic metabolic disorder, Pritchard remains committed to expanding Black History Month on a global basis. Well-educated, highly-cultured, and driven by global humanitarian aims, Pritchard truly symbolizes the modern Renaissance man.

Source Material:



Board Member


Dr. Myron Arlen M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Arlen has been at the forefront of advanced cancer research and treatment for 50 years.  He has shared his research on advanced cancer treatments by writing over 80 articles and publishing two books. He helped found International Bio-immune Systems, Inc in the 1990's, and then in 2003, Neogenix Oncology, Inc.  His unceasing dedication to the research and cure of cancers has brought hope through both early detection and innovative treatment.

Board member


Freda Margiloff, is an inventor who has spent her life focusing on improving the lives of others. In 1985  she devised a simple electric fence called The Goosebuster to keep geese off property.  The Goosebuster even included the then ground-breaking solar panel!

In 1966 she and her husband learned Chinese cooking from nuns in Tokyo, which inspired her passion of food and nutrition, prompting her to create a kit including woks, spatulas and a cookbook.

For almost 25 years she has been working to improve the nutrition of the people of Tanzania.

In the early 1990's she brought a can of frozen pedigreed bull semen to Tanzania which helped to inseminate 200 cows in the region. It occurred to her that improved nutrition, especially increased protein, could improve the schoolwork of the children. Her goal was to provide at least an egg a day to the students. To that end she has funded chicken coops, incubators and chickens to an area almost completely dependent on cows and goats. Called the Children's Protein Project, it has been embraced by the local agricultural college.



Board Member


Hank Schwartz is a genius and pioneer of video communications. He studied the emerging radio wave electronic equipment, as well as video networking and related electrical power systems, then joined the army to research electronic and communication networks that could be delivered to any fighting front. After finishing the Brooklyn Polytech and the University of the State of New York, he founded Video Techniques. Schwartz's idea was to provide promoters new satellite technology that would broadcast their signals to the world. He honed the transmission of video communication signals to microwave towers, improving the quality of televised games.

Having an expertise in the technical aspect of international networking and knowing what hardware was needed for worlwide transmission, Hank Schwartz was set to promote boxing worldwide. He installed a young Don King as Vice-President of Video Techniques, and set him to negotiate with boxing greats to arrange matches.

Hank set up the world's first pay-per view event on HBO, his company promoted the legendary Rumble in the Jungle which regained Muhammad Ali the World Title and was the first telecast from the Republic of Zaire.

Schwartz left boxing in 1977 after successfully defending a lawsuit in England by a closed-circuit exhibitor. He became chairman of Terasat Inc and signed a contract with China to launch China's first foreign satellite.